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Sanne Marije Sanders

Sanne Sanders is a brilliant artist and photographer who manages to capture a mystical layer in every image she creates, time and time again. It’s no wonder I love working with her for my own photography! ⁠

Diversity, timelessness, and spirituality play a significant role in her work. The energy of her brand design brings these elements to life without overshadowing her work, which, of course, should remain at the forefront.⁠

The colors represent various skin tones and always complement her work, serving as a neutral, diverse, and human canvas.⁠

Moreover, this woman is wonderfully expressive, and a vibrant color couldn’t be missing – for now, it’s fuchsia pink, but it can adapt to her mood and style, shifting to orange, blue, or whatever she feels.⁠

A robust style for a woman you can’t ignore or help but admire!

Beautiful line illustration created by Sanne Sanders herself  – and of course all photography by her.