– 2022

Brand Energy Design

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Rebecca Francesca

Rebecca’s response to her Brand Energy Design: “This woman – absolutely mind-blowing. ⁠Emily truly sees with three eyes – she has antennas that pick up far more than you realize, effortlessly revealing the unseen.⁠

Upon witnessing the Brand Energy Design, it felt as if Emily had dipped a brush into the energy of my soul and painted digitally with it.⁠

I feel seen, amazed, and beyond excited to dive into this.⁠

At the same time, it evoked a feeling of ‘holy sh*t, this is amazing – who am I to even use this?’ Such a beautiful invitation.⁠

With this, she offers so much more than ‘just’ a visual identity. She reflects the essence of you or your project back to you, helping you embody and live more of that potential. Challenge accepted. ;)⁠

Dear Emily, you have a gift.”