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Fields of Being

Fields of Being is a magnificent creation by Saraï and Paul – guardians of the land who have crafted a place where consciousness, embodiment, and biodiversity converge. A sanctuary of existence – for all ages.

This project is incredibly magical – Fields of Being is truly its own entity, a creation ushered into the world by Paul and Saraï, and one I was privileged to shape visually. The style was ‘born’ through me, and the entire process felt so organic, magical, and grounded simultaneously.

You can feel its soul – its unique consciousness. The visual style is a splendid testament to this: it breathes! Each element, each stroke, carries a life force, embodying a presence that transcends the ordinary. Fields of Being isn’t just a place; it’s a living, breathing testament to the harmonious convergence of humanity, nature, and artistry, inviting all who encounter it to experience the magic of existence.