Emily van Vught

Brand Energy Designer

I’m Emily, a brand designer and artist, an empath and see-er. Where others channel messages from ancestors, I co-create with them — and with your higher self — to visualize your energy into a brand that aligns with you and becomes an extension of you.⁠

A brand that serves as a grounding anchor and a line with above at the same time.⁠

I create, I make visual — and I LOVE creating physical products. Card decks, journals, oil rollers or whatever amazing idea you might have.

I teach branding at TU Delft University, where I once also did my master’s in strategic design. That’s where my strategic foundation/toolkit was built — a foundation that unconsciously flows through everything I intuitively create.⁠

I’m a math nerd and love numerology, sacred geometry, and everything that ‘adds up’ in one way or another. It feels like such a logical, natural basis for beauty and the things we find aesthetically pleasing — things that just feel ‘right’.⁠

And… I’m in love with the natural world and the healing power of Mother Nature. It’s where my inspiration comes from, where I recharge and reconnect with myself and my spirit tribe. It’s also the source from which my other business The Spirited Garden emerged.⁠


2014 – 2015  •  Master’s in Strategic Product Design (Ir/MSc) at TU Delft

2017 – Present  •  Part-time Branding Lecturer at TU Delft, Faculty of Industrial Product Engineering

2021  •  Reiki II Certification

2021 – 2022  •  Intuition Practitioner, Center for Effective Intuition

2021  •  Bach Flower Therapy Certification

2022  •  Herbal Medicine Certification

Professional Ventures

2015 – 2017  •  Co-Founder Faker Agency  •  Strategy & Branding Firm

2017 – Present  •  Emily van Vught  •  Brand Energy Designer

2020 – Present  •  Co-Founder Mindful Magic

2021 – Present  •  Founder The Spirited Garden